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10 Amazing Reasons why It’s awesome to marry a gamer!


Now I know what you are thinking…

“It isn’t awesome, I get no attention”

“My (Insert relevant noun here) spends more time on (Insert relevant pronoun here) games than with our puppy”

“I am sick of clearing dirty plates and beer cans from the computer desk”.


“My S.O spent our life savings on micro transactions and our business was forced into liquidation because we couldn’t pay the staff. We will be homeless by next week.”

OK, I mean the last one probably is a problem, but I wanted to make a list of why I love being married to a gamer. Because contrary to what you may think, it’s not too shabby being with a game fanatic. I used to complain a lot about the amount of money he spent on games and the amount of time he spent not giving me all the attention I needed so I didn’t malfunction. It was exhausting and to be truthful it was unfair of me to do so. My husband is thoughtful and kind and there are honestly worse things he could be doing. I hope you enjoy my reasons, and I am sure there are a lot more, but here’s 10 reasons why it’s awesome being with a gamer.

  1. The mess is very much compact to one area in the house. He spends a lot of time sat at that desk. (He cleans it up himself don’t worry lol)
  2. The TV is always mine, whatever I want to watch I can.
  3. He is genuinely passionate about something and it has been amazing for his mental health which in turn makes me very happy.
  4. He occasionally earns money from streaming which is an unexpected bonus.
  5. Some games are kind of like movies such as ‘The Last of Us’ and I can sit and watch them for ages.
  6. It has reignited my passion for creating on YouTube and it’s a great distraction.
  7. He isn’t out cheating! (I mean I don’t think he would be out cheating anyway, and gaming isn’t the only reason for that) He genuinely likes being home and spending time with our family which is great.
  8. There are worse addictions like drugs, gambling, alcohol etc. Gaming is quite a wholesome addiction.
  9. It gives him plenty of bonding time with our daughter who is also starting to get really into games.
  10. I can get on with my uni work guilt free while he games.

I know some of these are personal to my situation, but I love my gamer man so much. If you’re with a gamer, please leave me a comment telling me what you love about it (or hate).



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