10 Best E3 Games 2019

10 Best E3 Games 2019

Once again ends anther year at E3. Following this we thought it is worth taking a look at the best E3 games 2019 we saw at the conference this years. In additional, we have compiled a list of the 20 best E3 games 2019 showcased at this years’ conference.

First and foremost I just want to mention a few disappointments at this years’ E3 Games 2019.


Best 20 E3 Games 2019
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The Disappointments:

The Avengers Game

Listen, we are not stupid! We appreciate original character models could not be used as it would inflate the price of production utilising an actor’s true likeness. However, with modern graphical capabilities, do the rendered character have to look so damn odd?

Black Window looks especially unsettling and the graphics almost feel like you are watching a portable game on Switch or even a Mobile. Luckily for Square Enix they had the magnificence of Final Fantasy VII Remake to fall back on.

Lack of Xbox Next Gen and Exclusives

The lack of Sony at E3 very much gave Xbox an open goal. As a result there was more pressure on Xbox to succeed and whilst the conference was mildly entertaining and had some interesting games. If you were an loyal Xbox fan you can only be disappointed. There was no real surprises and most of the good games were multi platform.

No Sony Hijack

This is me being incredibly greedy but part of what made the disappointment of no Sony at E3 bearable was a half expectation that Sony might pull some stunt as a marketing plot. As a result I was almost mildly disappointed to see very little output from Sony during the conference.


 So in no particular order, here are the top 10 best E3 games 2019 to get excited over:

Best E3 Games 2019

1) Cyberpunk 2077

Keanu Bloody Reeves!! I could have placed this on the list of best E3 games 2019 just for Keanu. It was refreshing to see an actor so excited to be there in front of his fans but also Cyberpunk 2077 looked fantastic. It did draw some criticism from those too focused on virtue signalling yet no one can argue the game looks intriguing to say the least.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a story driven, futuristic RPG set in Night City. Imagine Geralt from The Witcher 3 fast forwarded a 1000 years and this is what you get. No beasts but plenty of human horrors await. Expected. Release date 16th April 2020.


2) Tales of Arise

The main difference between Tales of Arise and previous iterations of the Tales series is clearly the graphical outlay. It is using a new engine based on Unreal Engine 4. Consequently the games has experienced a massive boost in graphics. I am really excited to explore this world and the trailer places it as one of the best E3 games 2019 on display.

Tales of games succeed because of strong characters, good storytelling and a dash of political intrigue. In additional to this, character relations are dynamic and lovable. If Tales of Arise can capture this along with the stunning graphical overhaul, it can’t help but succeed. 2020 is when we will see this gem.

Underrated RPG Games
Tales of Arise by Bandai Namco

3) Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

Final Fantasy 8 is often seen by some as the black sheep of the Final Fantasy PlayStation era undeservedly so. Beneath the deep junction game mechanics and complex narrative is an extremely engaging JRPG experience. 

The one thing that stop players going back and replaying this gem is the graphical limitations. People may say Final Fantasy VI, VII and IX could suffer the same issues however none of these attempt to portray realistic character models hence tend to age a lot better. Playing this story in remastered high definition is enough for me to buy it all over again. Expected out later this year.

4) Halo Infinite

The return of Master Chief has been hailed by some as the return of Christ sent to help Microsoft seek redemption for losing the battle of exclusives with Sony. It is easy to get too excited over the return of Halo. On the other hand firstly, very little was shown. Secondly, we sort of knew this would be coming.

Perhaps the game will surprise us. The game is likely to be a next gen game for the Xbox Scarlet therefore showcasing too much on lower spec hardware could have underwhelmed those at the conference.

5) Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs 2 promised much but really failed to live up to expectation. Once again Watch Dogs Legion is promising a hell of a lot. If we believe the hype it should really be one of the best E3 games 2019 has showcased.

“Play as anyone, Every individual you meet in the open world, has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits and visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems”

The product description above suggests above what could be a game changer….if they deliver it. Skepticism aside though, the trailer looked great fun. Notably the moments where you get to play as a retired assassin. I for one, am eager to live out this geriatric fantasy.


Watch Dogs Legion Retired Assassin
Watch Dogs Legion Retired Assassin

6) Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps may not be on every players list of the best E3 games 2019 however no one can deny how beautiful the game looked. We actually saw some of this game at the previous years’ E3 however this year we got to see a lot more environments and foes to haunt us. 

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is expected for February 2020.


7) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Zombies are out! Realism is in. From the looks of things, the developers of COD want to take a step back from the staleness that had become Call of Duty and go back to the roots. 

Contrary to some of the crybabies out there. I welcome this change. Some may argue that children are highly likely to access and play this game. This is not the fault of the developers but more so the parents who allow their children to play them or who have not educated their children sufficiently to be able to tell the difference between games and real life.

Nevertheless though, the game looks visually stunning as well as innately gritty. I can’t wait to experience the realism. I have previously been critical of games that are too realistic such as Red Dead Redemption 2, however this is when games present common place situations as gameplay such as cooking and camping.  It is not every day you are an SAS elite soldier. 


8) 12 Minutes

Sometimes you know the reasons games excite you to play them. Others you are drawn in by a concept that simply fascinates. Enter 12 minutes. A surprise entry in our list of the best E3 games 2019.

The concept is a time-looping thriller whereby you have the pretty obvious time frame to solve the mystery before the loop resets. Almost like Memento the game but with the added ability to actually remember and adapt.

I can’t imagine this will be a long game but it is certainly a game as a full time worker I am excited to sample.

9) The Outer Worlds

Whilst I was not overly bowled over by their E3 presentation. I feel I have to include this on the list of best E3 games 2019 as despite the presentation I still hear so many positive things about the game. Some games have amazing E3 presentations but then excel at disappointing us. 

Billed as the spiritual successor to FallOut: New Vegas. The Outer Worlds has a lot to live up to. At the same time it also a lot to make up for on behalf of the post apocalyptic genre because of the inadequacies of FallOut 76. Despite the recent improvements and the forthcoming addition of  NPCs, FallOut 76 still leaves a lot to be desired for many fans. 

One thing that attracts myself and others to The Outer Worlds is the dazzling palette of colours on display in comparison to the blandness of similar FallOut games. 

We can expect The Outer Worlds on 25th October 2019.

10) Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake e3 Announcement 1st Class Edition

Come on! What else did you expect?

This is the remake we have all been waiting for. The first game will focus solely on Midgar but even so. This is really belongs at the precipice of the Best E3 games 2019.

It looks as though we are going to see a lot more depth in the Midgar story arc with extended battles, a more expansive Midgar as well as increased exposure to in depth character development.

This is not just the remake we wanted, it is the remake we deserved.


So Long to Wait for the best E3 Games 2019

There are many other games we really cannot wait for. Moreover this is but a small selection of the high quality games on show at E3. Many of them however are but a twinkle in the developers eye at this point.

What games are you most excited for in our list of the best E3 games 2019.


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