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Final Fantasy YouTube Channels- 5 worth watching!

FInal Fantasy YouTube channels for when you need entertainment....

Final Fantasy YouTube channels are my go to entertainment medium of choice. Some days let’s face it there is nothing to do. These days I find myself wandering through YouTube like a clumsy fly bumping from window to window. Luckily despite its’ drawbacks YouTube has a wealth of content for you to drown yourself in.

The thing I like the most about watching videos on YouTube is that you can watch the content that interests you. If you like ranting videos…they are there. If you like metal detecting videos…they are there. If you like Final Fantasy YouTube videos …you got it!

Obviously at the moment the focus for Final Fantasy YouTube channels is the Final Fantasy VII Remake however there are plenty of other topics discussed and as you would expect it does generally change with the trends.

So find yourself at a loss as to what to do with your free time? Get yourself online and support these fantastic Final Fantasy YouTube channels.

Final Fantasy YouTube Channels are really popular

1) The Night Sky Prince

Above is one of my favourite Final Fantasy YouTube videos by The Night Sky Prince. His videos range from informative and educational such as the one above to more tongue in cheek and more news related. 

If you are looking for a YouTube who loves Final Fantasy as much as you do. You have found him. He has recently gone full time on YouTube and has 43k subscribers. This has allowed him to make more regular content. To keep this going, get on there and support him by liking and subscribing to his videos.

2) Enrico Deiana

Isn’t it beautiful? Final Fantasy YouTube channels are not just about commentary and news there are also some excellent Final Fantasy music channels on YouTube. Enrico Deiana takes classic Final Fantasy songs and remixes them to amazing results. 

The extreme above was one of my favourite iterations of his work. The original is beautiful crafted by Uematsu and it is good to see he looks to be in better health of late. Should Uematsu need the burden lifting whilst redoing the Final Fantasy 7 classic musical score in the remake, Square Enix could do worse than enlist this talented individual. 


3) Super Eyepatch Wolf

Right so I am going to cheat a little bit here. Super Eyepatch Wolf is not a Final Fantasy YouTube channel. However I couldn’t not include him on this list because the embedded video above from his channel is so good.

Final Fantasy XV was probably one of the most disappointing Final Fantasy games in the history. The current standard of the game is far superior to the original that was released and to be honest in the game in it’s current form is still disappointing compared to 4-12. Read more of my thoughts on Final Fantasy XV here.

As I say Super Eyepatch Wolf is not a Final Fantasy YouTube channel but he is also has a lot of other great content. Be sure you check out his video on the decline of The Simpsons

4) Final Fantasy Union

Final Fantasy Union is a great Final Fantasy YouTube channel if you wish to explore the lore of the franchise in much more depth. In particular I enjoy checking out the origins videos. Here they focus on one particular character completing in depth analysis of their story. 

The best videos in particular are Cloud, Sephiroth and Squall’s origin stories. However these aren’t all the Final Fantasy YouTuber has to offer. Other videos include lists of facts, news videos and detailed videos on the evolution of certain tropes within Final Fantasy’s  universe.

5) It could be you!

Could you be the next Final Fantasy YouTube channel?

There are several other YouTube channels I could have placed at number 5 however instead I thought hopefully I could inspire a new creator to take this mantle. As you can see there is market out there for Final Fantasy YouTube channels so take a risk and put yourself out there.

I started this website 6 months ago and I have been loving it ever since. This was originally an avenue for me to placate my mental health but it has now become an essential part of my daily routine. Maybe one day it will become a career for me, but that is many years in the future.

Are there any other YouTube channels you love to watch on a regular basis. Be sure to comment below or contact me and I will update this list.

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