7 Memorable Final Fantasy VII Remake Locations

Final Fantasy VII Remake has so much to show us!

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a rich and exciting world. The original is varied, ranging from strikingly fun (Gold Saucer) to hauntingly beautiful (City of the Ancients). Even in the original I look back at these locations fondly. Especially as the latest up-scaling mods allow the world to look even more stunning.

This is nothing however compared to what’s to come.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will introduce us into a completely new world fully MATERIAlised in jaw dropping 4K or HD (Yes, I will show myself out). Fixed camera locations forgotten, finally transformed into immersive immense environments to explore.

Here are 7 locations I am most excited to see in Final Fantasy VII Remake. I am only going to focus on specific location rather than vague non specific areas of Final Fantasy VII e.g. Midgar, Gold Saucer etc. I will also be steering clear of Sector 6, Honey Bee Inn and Don Corneo’s mansion as I have discussed them in a previous article. Variety is the spice of life after all.

1) 7th Heaven Bar!

7th Heaven
What will 7th Heaven look like in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Click the picture for an affiliate link to metal Tifa posters at Displate

Probably the first time in the game you are allowed to rest your weary sword arm. “Give me something hard Tifa!”. If you like the art above please see more Displate Final Fantasy designs here.

I am really looking forward to seeing the Avalanche hideout. As much as I love the action scenes in Final Fantasy VII, I adore the tender moments shared by the characters and the relationships it builds. Our first meeting with Tifa is one that will always stick in my memory.

In the original, the location is small and simplistic. In Final Fantasy VII Remake there is room for expansion creating a hideout heaped with seditious undertones. I hope that the Square Enix utilise this to show the deep rooted opposition to Shinra of those in the slums.

2) Sector 5 Church

A veritable urban paradise of flowers supplemented by Aerith’s tender love and affection. This place brings beauty and melancholy in abundance, especially on further playbacks as we know what is to come.

This church symbolises Aerith. A shining light in an otherwise dark and unpleasant city. It need not be a massive location, quaintness could even work in its’ favour. A delicate beauty that must be preserved.  

For me this scene in the church is equally if not more important than the scene where we first meet Aerith not only as it is the first mention we have of Aerith’s special materia.

3) Costa Del Sol Beach Resort

Costa Del Sol

No ulterior motive here… I swear.

In all seriousness though, can you imagine the golden sands of Costa Del Sol beach captured in graphical realism. Furthermore, like in other games I am also eager to see the waves roll onto the beach and the sea churn. If ever there was a way to recognise true gaming graphical achievement is it the through the quality of the water graphics.

This is not the only reason. The sight of pale insipid Hojo sizzling away in the burning sun is enough to make any player feel uncomfortable yet unable to look away.

If he is not wearing his lab coat whilst “getting a tan” , we riot.  


4) The Chocobo Racing Track

Final Fantasy VII Remake has its' work cut out with the racetrack

Will there be just one track?

Will we have the option of short and long?

Will Joe and Teioh be as freaking annoying as they were in the original?

So many questions and I can;t wait for them to be answered in Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

Here’s hoping the phantasmagoria of acid dreams does not disappoint. However I do think it would be amazing to see a wider variety of tracks each with their own in game theme. A night race “Tokyo Drift” style through the streets of a holographic Midgar would be unbelievable cool.  At the same time this would ease the monotony of the races should they be a necessary path to certain items and side quests in the story.


5) Shinra Mansion

This is a place full of secrets. The journey of Sephiroth’s descent into madness was nourished here. This, along with the experimentation that helped turn Cloud into the walking mass of confusion he is today. The importance of this location cannot be underestimated as it has shaped various key points in the story. This is another location I feel Final Fantasy VII Remake will need to expand on. The scene with Vincent alone will not work as well with modern realistic graphics. Once again as in previous articles I feel a rating of PEGI 16 or “Mature” could be integral to keeping this location as harrowing as it was in the original.

6) The Pool At the City of the Ancients

Could this be the realism of Aerith's Death we see in Final Fantasy VII remake?
Image from Adella Cosplay, check out and support her content by clicking the image.

Many of these locations are made by the moments that occur in them. The pool in the City of the Ancients is no different. However the sparkling blue water and the puzzling depth of the pool are questions I am excited to see answered in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

I am also curious how they are going to show the inaccessibility of Holy at this location showing why it cannot be obtained or how Cloud is able to stand at waist height in the water whilst Aerith’s still form sinks into the murky depths. 


7) Cloud's Subconscious

Cloud's Subconscious
In a world hampered by the burden of mental health. This location is really important.

In the words of Albus Dumbledore “

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

To those who suffer it mental health is very real. The story of Cloud is not just one of a group of heroes who save the world from evil. It is a cast of characters that have very real flaws much like people in real life.

Cloud’s subconscious plot may be seen by some as a tedious distraction they are eager to skip through as fast as possible. Others like myself, see it as an integral part of the narrative allowing you to empathise with him. I am excited to explore the troubling environment that has molded Cloud into the protagonist we know and love.

I am particularly interested in how the location portrays Cloud’s vision of the truth in contrast to the absolute truth. Done properly this location could be one of the most exciting yet terrifying of them all.

So there we are, this is my list of 7 location I can’t wait to see in Final Fantasy VII Remake. What locations are you most excited to see in the remake?

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