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Apex Legends Solo Mode – 3 Best Reasons it will improve the game.

Apex Legends Solo Mode must come now!

Apex Legends came out of nowhere. Hushed words of the “Fortnite-killer” were uttered and the masses celebrated. Fast forward several months and influencers have scurried back to Fortnite like an addict to a needle. 

Upon its’ 4th February release, Apex Legends rocketed to top spot. The endorsement of influencers earned them a wild acclaim. Ninja was reported to earn $1 million dollars for promoting the game on launch.

The gamble looked to have paid off. 25 million players by the end of the first week,  had doubled by the end of the first month. Praise was rife for the free to play Battle Royale game. Although many had been stung in the past by EA that a free to play game this good was unexpected to say the least.

However when the dust settled, Fortnite was still there. It reminded me very much of the Nuke scene in Independence day when the alien ship appeared through the smoke unharmed. Perhaps there are a few reasons Fortnite has come storming back? It has massive workforce and is familiar with the crunch. It is also regularly updated to stay relevant. 

One of the biggest reasons for me the community is still engaged is the variety of modes on offer and the option of playing Solo, Duo or even team death match. Apex Legends Solo Mode is at this point, an inevitability but it must be introduced before it is too late. 

Here are 3 reasons I believe a solo mode is essential for everyone in the game.

Apex Legends Solo Mode - Stats show its decline.
Apex Legends has shown a steady decline in viewers on Twitch.

1) Apex Legends Solo Mode will eliminate the toxic players.

Okay, eliminate might be a bit strong. I am an average player and I will always attempt to do the best thing for the team. Pinging loot, reviving and re-spawning where necessary. Backing up my squad when they are tangled in a gunfight. No doubt disappointing in the process. 

However there are some players out there not interested in the team aspect. You know the sort, launching solo, away from the team. Proceeding to charge into every gunfight haphazardly before dying prematurely before finally abandoning the game. All of this after some less than friendly critique of how you play the game.  

I had one pleasant adolescent last week who was upset: having re-spawned him, I then went to rescue our other party member. His plan was to charge into another ambush with minimal supplies. His language was enough to make his Mother blush and even after that he still whinged and bitched like a loser.

Apex Legends Solo Mode can be a haven for those undesirables who have no interest in the team dynamic. Some players are toxic as shown in this article. Lets give them somewhere to go.

2) A great WAY to Introduce ranked mode

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I don’t want to go all millennial snowflake on this and I certainly don’t want to make the game any easier. However I do believe Apex Legends Solo Mode could be a solution to some players dominating all games. 

However there is a reason sports have tiered levels. If you took Usian Bolt and 7 local club athletes. The other competitors are not going to have much fun competing against someone who will likely win every race.

Hence competitions are structured in a way to maintain competitiveness not only for those watching but also for those competing.

Now you may be sat there thinking but that is sport and this is gaming. On the contrary though, gaming is transitioning more towards sport through the rise of esports. Besides how awesome would it be to see the best Apex players regularly face off against the very best. At the same time us “normies” are able to play against those of similar ability.


3) Lone Rangers will be at home

As a player I don’t always want to play with others. It took me a long time to get into online gaming with strangers on the internet. Those with social anxiety and those who are simply lone wolves may have steered clear of Apex in favour of Fortnite whereby there are solo modes to enjoy. Apex Legends Solo Mode may bring in a few of these individuals and possible bring back those that may have felt anxious playing and conversing with strangers.

Don’t get me wrong, the ping system is revolutionary, effective in allowing those without headsets to participate. In spite of this you will still encounter players who are playing through the headset and mic and as a result will be excluded.



Apex Legends screenshot
Apex Legends solo mode could bring back the lone wolf!

Apex Legends Solo Mode - In Conclusion

Initially I was of the opinion that Apex Legends Solo Mode would ruin the USP of the game. However I have been converted. I have no interest in the solo mode. I am not a good enough or committed to fully make use of this mode (unless it becomes ranked). 

I know believe the solo mode whilst also being an inevitability is now a necessity to avoid ruined a game that showed so much promise on release.


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