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Detroit: Become Human


D:BH is a third person choice-driven narrative with stunning visual and branching pathways essentially meaning the decisions that you make change your experience and plot. It is of the Sci-Fi genre and focuses on the plight of androids in a future society.


It is set in the near future around the 2030s over the course of a short time period of a week or two.


You play as three androids throughout, each with their own story to tell. Connor – An android detective tasked with investigating the recent event of androids becoming aware, Kara, a house android who becomes the primary carer for Alice and Marcus a carer androids whose life takes a sour turn and leads him to become the leader in resistance.


The main story is set exclusively in Detroit (Shock!) and does not move around too much, locations can be varied but are more designed to help guide the story.

The Review

Gameplay – 6

I don’t believe this game was ever intended to win any award on innovative gameplay. The methods follow that of the likes of Heavy Rain. The mechanics are simple and I sort of feel they have to be so not to take the main focus of the story.¬† Button options flash onscreen¬†and you must input them to decide routes and decisions. You move your character to investigate clues and cues to progress the story and unlock more dialogue options. This pushes the players to investigate thoroughly to open up all the possibilities. Where the gameplay suffers is the lack of the variety. I can’t help but feel a little bit more variety as opposed to the walk and investigate gameplay would have engaged the audience a bit more. I say audience as at stages you do not feel like a player in this game but more like an influencing observer. Very rarely in this game do you feel like there is more than one way to complete your goal with other paths often simulated to be unsuccessful ironically this gives the illusion of freewill which is a recurring theme throughout the story. Overall the gameplay is okay but no more and no less and the game wear’s thin by the latter stages, the controls are awkward and camera angles despite being changeable can be irritating at times.

Story – 7

The story is beautiful to behold and engaging sharing remarkable similarities with that of the channel 4 series humans. The characters are engaging and do well to make you empathise with their decisions. Often I found my moral compass making decisions to give my characters the conclusions they deserved and most importantly keep them alive. The one area the story suffers is the subtlety which is to say it is an about of subtle as being clubbed to the face, the plot twists along the way are increasingly predictable and at some levels lack the originality to take this story to the next level. Let us not pretend this is a realistic story but sometimes the over the top storylines detracted from the believability of the story.

Graphics – 9

The visual rendering of facial expressions and animations in D:BH is stunning and environments are gorgeous with excellent lighting. Technically the game runs at 30 fps on PS4 with 1080p, this output can increase 2160p on the pro version. Technically this game is a visual feast for the eyes all the way down to the smallest nose hair.


+ Visually superb and stunningly realistic.

+ Engaging characters.

+ Replayability a must as many different pathways explore.

– The story was predictable and over the top.

– Gameplay does become tedious and does seem more of an illusion of playing in your own way

– Lacks the variety to really set it apart from other games in this Genre.



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