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The Most Epic JRPG Boss Battles

Some boss battles have a very “meh” feel about them. On the other hand some boss battles feel super important. An epic JRPG boss battle really sets a game apart and sticks in your memory for years to come. Spoilers ahead, as a lot of these are endgame bosses

What makes an epic JRPG boss battle?

There are many components that make an epic JRPG boss battle.

The music,

the build up,

the difficulty,

as well as importance to the plot.

Even simple factors like size can impact how epic a battle feels.

In the list below I am going lay down the boss battles that I believe have etched themselves in my memory as being the most epic.

    1. Safer Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

      It is impossible to discuss the most epic JRPG boss battle without mentioning Safer Sephiroth. Two things make this an epic JRPG boss fight.

      The first is the musical score. One Winged Angel by Nobuo Uematsu is possible the most epic soundtrack for a boss of all time. The orchestral version of what Uematsu considers to be a rock track really establishes the gravity of the situation.

      The second component that embosses the grandness of this battle is the move “Supernova”. I mean he literally summons a comet from outside the milky way galaxy. This comet destroys Pluto, Jupiter and even Saturn’s rings before colliding with the Sun, this promptly causes the Sun to go into Supernova before enveloping the nearby planets. This is shown perfectly in the captivating video below by ViperXtreme.


      Unforgettable. Find out more about the lore behind Final Fantasy 7 with the book on Amazon.



    2. Kefka – Final Fantasy 6

      I promise there will be some non Final Fantasy bosses in here somewhere but you just cannot not include Kefka!

      What makes this a contender for the most epic JRPG boss battle is the fact that Kefka had already succeeded in doing what he set out to do. “Dancing Mad” by Nobuo Uematsu sends shivers down the spine, hauntingly intoxicating as you watch Kefka become a God.

      A literal tower to surmount until you end up battling the final stage in the heavens. Kefka is probably one of the most ingenious series antagonists ever encountered and the scale of this final boss battle is one for the ages.

      epic JRPG boss battle

      Image from Image from check it out!


    3. The Magician Faust – The Legend of the Dragoon

      The Magician Faust is an all powerful Wingly who in his own words even Melbu Frahma (the main antagonist) feared. He could even create a apparition just as powerful as the real thing.

      First you must collect every Stardust in the game, without it only his apparition will appear. This apparition is invulnerable and only survived by fleeing.

      The main antagonist even created a stone to negate Faust’s powers called the vanishing stone, obtained once you have collected all Stardust. The combination of crippling magical attacks and facing off against someone revered by even the game’s main villain makes this an epic encounter in a pretty epic game.


    4. Calasmos – Dragon Quest 11


      You believe the game to be over. You then come to realise you have the truly epic post game to complete, unleashing the true final boss. 

      The demon god first fought against the original luminary Erdwin. Before Erdwin could finish the job, he was betrayed by his friend and comrade Morcant who is the antagonist for 75% of the game. Without Erdwin the party are forced to seal Calasmos away until he is realised, post game.

      You must first obtain the super sword of light and have it in your inventory. Once used it removes the purple aura surrounding Calasmos. He will now do less damage, less attacks per turn and be more susceptible to your attacks.

      This is still a very tricky battle requiring grinding, the best armor and weapons and on point strategy. Upon my winning run I was forced into a panic when he actually stops time leaving you with one functioning character. I was lucky I just about finished him off but other will not be so.

      Could he look any more bad-ass here? Read my thoughts on Dragon Quest here.


    5. Ultimecia final form – Final Fantasy VIII

      More Final Fantasy now. Once again impeccable musical score from Uematsu the extreme shifts the atmosphere from melancholy to apocalyptic within a few minutes.

      Her ability to remove key magic spells, even those that are junctions can make this boss extremely hard depending on what spells she chooses. Chances are you would still have enough to beat her.

      You will notice upon inspection her design definitely influenced the creation of Anima in Final Fantasy X. What makes her such an epic JRPG boss battle is simply how unsettling she appears whilst delivering her final monologue.

      Most epic JRPG boss battle

      Image from

    6. Meta-God – Shadow Hearts

      I must choose between Meta-God and Seraphic Radiance from Shadow Hearts. A little known RPG with oft described as “if silent hill were an RPG”. Meta-God took it due to how unexpected I was by the appearance of this endgame boss. The battle taking place in space is epic in itself.

      Described as a supernatural alien entity mistaken for Judao-Christian God as accidental responsible for the creation of Earth. With that in mind is there anything more epic than taking on “God” himself.

      Meta-God is summoned by the main antagonist with the mission to purge the planet and remake again in his own image. Think Necron from Final Fantasy IX but with an actual reason for appearing.

      Much like Ultimecia, Meta-God is hauntingly unsettling to look at,not particularly difficult but as mentioned earlier has a Silent Hillesque visage and aesthetic horrifying to behold. The idea that you have literally destroyed the creator of the Earth is in one word Epic.



      These are six of many of the epic JRPG boss battles from across the wealth of fantastic JRPGs out there. These are really the staple of the genre in my opinion and much love must go out to the monster designers and music creators. They have created some very special moments for me.

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