Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date – Buzzing

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release date - The Teaser Trailer

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date - Thoughts

I did not expect news for Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date even before the Square Enix conference at E3. One can’t help but believe there is a little bit of Sony there behind the scenes pushing the narrative with this one. 

In case you missed it in the trailer above. You will be firing up the PS4 to experience the beautiful game 3rd March, 2020. 

Less than a year away!!!

Although this trailer does not show a great deal extra than previous trailers, I am under the impression from many people in the community that this was simply a short teaser trailer. With the primary objective of laying out a Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date. I remain cautiously optimistic that they should stick to this date. Furthermore in the past Square Enix would have issued a release window rather than an actual Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date.

The news was announced at the Final Fantasy Symphonic Reunion Event, the day before the main Square Enix conference at E3.

Whilst excitement can struggle to be contained at the moment we must remember this is only the first installment of the multi-game epic as coined by the Night Sky Prince. Whilst I don’t think the first of the epic will disappointment, Square Enix will have ample opportunity to remedy any mistakes made in the first of the collection.


Who we saw?

We did get glimpses of some characters not in the previous trailers. We saw president Shinra and Heidegger. Both a lot more slender than I remember them. There is a long list of character I am waiting to see from the remake. We have Scarlett, Don Corneo, Rufus as well of members of the main cast. With the differences of appearance present here you can;t help but wonder how the other characters might differ from the original game. 


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date
Heidegger and President Shinra

Differences from the original

Along with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date we did see some changes from the original game. Namely a interesting scene with Aerith and Cloud as well as some scenes of regret from the Avalanche crew with regard to their actions at the reactor. In the original Aerith did not show any signs of fear and and the team did not experience remorse until much later in the game. 

With these changes, I am curious to see whether we can expect any other changes. Moreover will we see specific changes the he story and main plot points. May some of the avalanche team survive? May someone else survive? Interesting times ahead indeed.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Aerith

Final Fantasy 7 Release Date

With the announcement of the Final Fantasy 7 release date. We now know we will be playing a game less than a year from now. As a result the excitement has reached fever pitch and I am sure we will have more news this evening.  In the UK, I believe you will need to stay up until the early hours of the morning to catch glimpse of the events to come.

Worth it? Absolutely, if only because we might get a glimpse of some more characters and more so the structure of the multi-game epic.

What I expect to see is listed below:

Confirmation of the exact format of the episodic structure.

More information as to whether this is a PlayStation exclusive, time exclusive or least likely of the lot multi-platform.

  • Tifa reveal, as well as other members of the main cast.
  • Information as to any changes from the original.
  • Length of each game.
  • More information on the ATB system.


Expect another article tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will be discussing a more in depth trailer, the episodic structure start and finish points and finally the reveal of much waited characters.

Let me know in the comments below what you are most excited for.

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