Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer – The Most Exciting Remake Ever

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer is here. Fans have been starved of any video footage for almost 4 years. E3 2015’s trailer a distant memory.  It turns out all we needed was a reminder of how special this game is to Square Enix and fans. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer shows the game coming out all guns (and buster swords) blazing. The trailer screams at the top of its’ voice ” I will never be a memory”.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer - Analysis

Lets look at this trailer in a bit more detail.

Firstly can we take a few moments to enjoy how beautiful the game looks. Midgar in Final Fantasy terms is one of the more grim cities although also one of my favourites. The aesthetics of the game are no surprise. If there is one thing Square Enix does well, it’s making the world and characters look stunning.

Secondly all the scenes we have seen have followed very close the original, Both in actions and events. The train, Aps, and that flower scene with Aerith look breathtakingly beautiful. But most importantly it is all there, below you can see comparisons from the original to the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer from the community on Resetera

No doubt some things will sadly not make it to the remake. Some may be down to what is  socially acceptable (Wrong IMO). Other it may be essential to cut following the transition to modern realistic graphics. I had trouble believing Red XIII could pass as a Shinra solider even heavily pixelated in 1997, the thought now is quite frankly ludicrous.


Comparison of Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer to original game.
Picture from community on Resetera

The Characters

Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer Aerith - Aerith
Aerith character model form the trailer. Image from Resetera

Wow! and do I mean Wow!

Not in my wildest dream have I imagined the characters of Final Fantasy looking this good. Lets start with Cloud; They have certainly brightened him up somewhat from the original. The buster sword looks phenomenal! 

In the 2015 trailer and perhaps in Advent Children, Cloud looked possibly too cool. However, my impression of Cloud is although he is proverbial bad-ass when fighting, as a character he was almost meant to be a little bit dorky. Scenes like the Honey Bee Inn and the complete mental breakdown just wouldn’t have the same effect without his slightly dorky persona. I think the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer we see here has brought this back somewhat and I for one couldn’t be happier.

Next we have Aerith, this is probably the most stunning representation I have seen of Aerith since the original. The voice a superior representation of Aerith in Kingdom Hearts 2. Upon a good search I am still none the wiser as to who the voice actor is. My favourite was Mandy Moore as I felt she delivered the sass that I believed Aerith possessed from the original game.

Barret’s character design looks spot on and really encapsulates the character I imagined when playing through the original. We have a small cameo from Sephiroth who is apparently the same voice actor previously used although he is directed a little different. Finally Biggs, Wedge and Jessie especially look amazing in the trailer. Hopefully we get to see more of them in this game than the original. A symptom perhaps of the episodic structure leading to more focus on the Midgar area.

The Battle Mechanics

There has been some early criticism from die hard fans online about not seeming turn based. The mechanics seem to follow a more action based system. Quite honestly the best comparison I have seen given is that of Devil May Cry. Fans who believed Square Enix would revert back to the original turn based system are shall we say, living in “the promised land”.  Square Enix has been laying the foundations for an action based remake for years and this is the best way for them to maximise their cash cow. 

Asleep in the Fantasy on YouTube does a decent job of analysing what we can see in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer with regard to the battle mechanics. 

Key features we witness are blocking, limit break building and even Materia. If you look carefully enough you will notice the two holes with physical Materia present in Cloud’s buster sword. Upon even close inspection you can also make out the use of R2 and L2 to switch character. Following the initial release of Final Fantasy XV this is a relief as we only had Noctis to sample at that point. 

Final Fantasy VII Trailer - The Monsters

The monsters look extremely well designed in the latest trailer. We get to see more of Guard Scorpion along with Aps from the sewers. We also get some originals from the 1997 release stunning recreated in high definition.

Monsters seen in the trailer.
Monsters seen in the trailer. Image from Resetera

The most noticeable difference from original could be down to graphical development or maybe Square Enix pushing for a change of tone. Monsters appear more fearsome and some damn right terrifying. Aps from the original was an almost comical boss however the opposite could be said of this generation’s iteration.

The Crashtrike shown in the picture was mere cannon fodder in the original.  fast forward nearly 22 years and they appear more intimidating to say the least. Bolder primary colours have been replaced by a more complex yet equally beautiful pallet of shades.

More to come.....

As the end states there is more to come in June likely at this years E3. The Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer is most welcome and a lot of evidence points to a release in the next year. Square Enix’s financial statements seem to indicate in the final quarter this year through mass income expected.

I think it is worth looking at what we have not seen as of yet….

A Working Title

Nowhere yet have I seen mentioned the expected subtitling of each expected episode. It is expected this will likely Part 1, Part 2 …etc however I would all for a new presentation of the titling. I suggested earlier on another YouTube video maybe calling them Rebirth, Retribution and Redemption? Kitase and Nomura? I will give you that free of charge.

Tifa and the others.

Obviously I am excited for the likes of Cid, RED XIII and company however I think many fans wait with bated breath to see what Tifa we end up with. The heavily endowed original or equally popular Advent Children version. I would be happy with either although I do feel the latter more likely due to cultural sensitivities of the West being at embarrassingly high levels. See Dead or Alive 6 for more details. 

My absolute favourite is the depiction of Tifa by Blair Armitage on ArtStation. Also check out her Twitter as she does some fantastic character and anime art.

towns, cities and NPCs

One of the joys of Final Fantasy for me was interacting with the diverse range of NPCs and visiting the various towns and cities. For me this is why Final Fantasy XV and XIII fell flat. In XIII you were unable to converse with characters outside your party and XV was awash with identical settlements with no individual characters.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer only showed us brief glimpses of Midgar and this could be as far as the game goes. It may be we don’t see the likes of Junon, Costa del Sol, and Gold Saucer until the second episode. However I want to see more of sector 7, sector 6, sector 5 and the Shinra building and the NPCs nestled within. 

What we want?

Undoubtedly there will be some things that do not make the final cut but at the same time there will likely be new facets to game as well. 

The ability to play as previously unplayable characters would be nice especially as the character models of the likes of Jessie look really good. Playing of Sephiroth in a flashback would be amazing and really help lend to the legend.

Customisation would be something new they could introduce to the game as well. Not in the same way as Western RPGs such as Fall Out and Skyrim as this would not work within stories and cut scenes but maybe through equipment and mild aesthetic features.

Finally one of the things the Resident Evil 2 remake did so well was enough changes to keep the story interesting for older fans of the series. If Final Fantasy VII Remake can do something similar it would add a lot of new ground to the remake. Incorporating events that were only previously discussed in the original would add much more deptth, scenes such as the Shinra mansion flashback with Zack have been harbored by fans for years past.

What we see of the game thus far is but an appetiser for satisfying starter to come. Hopefully we see more of the world we imagined in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer at E3 2019. Let me know in the comments what you think they should include in the final version.

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