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Five Crazy Streaming Moments!

So in my spare time I like to indulge in a little bit of click-bait perusing. One quick article I say, then an hour later I’m deep into a web of shite. Genuinely intrigued whether or not the Facebook caption was right. Will I really not believe number 19?

Anyway, this has a point. I got inspired to try my hand at making my own list, albeit a smaller list than said hypothetical list above. This is the five crazy streaming moments to happen while live streaming list, you won’t believe number 5!! Get it? (Ill see myself out).

Unlike YouTube, a stream is live, raw and unedited. It’s a more candid look into a streamers personality. This is great for those streamers who hate to edit videos and it’s the perfect way to interact with your audience and save time.

As with most raw unedited things in life, shit happens. Life isn’t always plain sailing and on rare occasion, life’s ‘shit’ is streamed live for the whole internet to see.

In no particular order, here are five crazy streaming moments I found online that happened during live streams.



five crazy streaming moments - streamer falls asleep

Around 5 years ago a gamer named “poptartgamer” was 14 hours into a 24 hour stream when he fell asleep. He was playing Zelda Dungeon and was so close to finishing the Anju and Kafei Quest when he just could not take it anymore.

During his sleep the chat started to go a little wild. He was even raided by another channel and the stream has been uploaded to YouTube and currently sitting on roughly 3.5 million views. Not even your live streams are safe! You can check out the video here


So I would take this with a pinch of salt. Mainly because I personally don’t believe in paranormal activity (don’t @ me). But supposedly there has been countless incidents of strange goings on caught on live stream. One being when Youtuber Rubzy was live.

Seen here In the video you can clearly see the suspicious activity. What do you think though? Is he pulling our leg?


Five crazy streaming moments - SWAT Team

So, there are a number of recorded moments that streamers have been swatted by the police live which is crazy in itself.

When the police knocked on the door of YouTube and Twitch streamer mr_13ig due to a noise complaint, that wasn’t the end of his bad luck. Apparently, his neighbour called the police to complain he was streaming too loud, to which he argued that he hadn’t done anything wrong. This antagonised the police and Mr Big was arrested.

Whilst he was cuffed and removed from the property, the said neighbour attempted to rob him completely unaware he was being streamed live. Mr Big’s viewers called the police and the neighbour was eventually arrested. You can see the video here,


A streamer named Lothar was playing Hearthstone live when he started to hallucinate. He seemed genuinely distressed by this announcing to his viewers he wasn’t feeling good. Then he spun on his chair as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell onto the floor. He started to scream and within less than a minute his wife came running in.

He had a seizure live on stream and it was a good job his wife was home as it could have ended so badly. This is harrowing and I couldn’t fully watch the video but if you really want to see this you can watch the video here


Now I am not being dramatic here, sleep deprivation is actually the worst. I personally need about 9 hours per night to function like a normal human. I genuinely take my metaphorical hat off to those who can endure a 24-hour stream. You guys are the real MVPs. However they are not for everybody and going so long without sleep can be life threatening.


During a 24 hour live stream for charity, a streamer named PoShYbRiD decided to pop out for a cigarette, The only problem is he didn’t return. When he left the room he unfortunately passed away due to heart complications from sleep deprivation.

Thankfully the death did not occur for the world to see but it is still a heart-breaking story. I could not find the actual stream for obvious reasons but here is somebody talking about it

Hope you found this list interesting and if you would like to see more lists from me feel free to comment. I am happy to prolong your web of shite.

Peace x


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