Game of Thrones Diversity is endorsed by the shows creators

The 5 Most Terrible Truths About Game of Thrones Diversity.

INQuisitors of Game of Thrones diversity have usurped storytelling

Games of Thrones Diversity means it’s no longer the show it once was. 

Once renowned for it’s ability to tell a narrative, it is now only only recognised for its’ spectacle and ability to “subvert” expectation. I say subvert in speech marks as I am implying it is not really the case. Subversion is no excuse for disappointing the mainstays of the series in fandom and characterisation.

Here I will look at 5 ways in which Game of Thrones diversity appeasement has unintended consequences to the series.



Game of Thrones Diversity is endorsed by the shows creators
Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1) A Game of CLones

Amusingly in their hunt to champion the female inequality to satisfy feminist tropes they have removed diversity of female characters.

Lets look at the evidence:

Cersei: Strong, intelligent, and ruthless.

Daenerys: Strong, intelligent and ruthless.

Sansa: Strong, intelligent and ruthless.

Arya: Strong, intelligent and ruthless. 

Even little Lyanna Mormont.

When we first saw her, her attitude was a pleasant surprise however she has now become of parody of herself culminating in that ridiculous scene we saw in the last episode. More on that later.

The key point here is that you can swap these characters into any other role and the story would not be affected in any way. The characters would react the same. The character now have no defining features to differentiate. This would allow the audience to empathise with their position. 

Essentialyl we are now watching a Game of Clones with identical self serving feminist dogma driving the narrative.

2) The Characters now drive the narrative.

Think back to earlier seasons of Game of Thrones. Characters, whilst well written were part of a bigger endgame, and the plot shaped the characters and their behaviours. 

The priority of George RR Martin was to tell a great story and communicate how the characters were shaped by the story. His influence on the series has waned over time. I hazard a guess even the ill informed could pick out the exact series where the source material stopped writing the episodes for the directors.

From then on the focus has been on uplifting certain characters at the expense of the story. Arya has now become overpowered. From barely defeating the Waif in season 6, she is now essentially the all powerful warrior in all of Westeros. Single handedly destroying House Frey, defeating Brienne of Tarth and finally dispatching the Night King with little fanfare and most importantly no narrative build up. 

Characters are now enveloped in an impenetrable cloak of plot armour. Arya and Sansa invulnerable from harm as firm beacons of modern day feminism. Oppositions to this opinion may point to the death of Lyanna forgetting she is no main character. The writers even discuss how they felt like they had to give her a big death. This leads me on to the next point.

3) "Relative Realism" exit stage left

Game of Thrones Diversity lifts up some whilst pushing down others.
Picture from HBO

If you’ve not encountered “relative realism”. I discuss it more in this article. Essentially the justification of discussing ridiculous events in fantasy shows and books. The guarded cheap response when overly critical of an event in a story being unrealistic being:

“but this is fantasy”

Even fantasy has rules. These are there to keep you immersed in the story and the events believable. By believable I mean only within the world created by the author/director rather than the real world. The latest episode of Game of Thrones is guilty of suspending the rules to allow the writers to tell the story they wanted to tell.

A few examples:

  • Disregarding strategy by sending the Dothraki charging in pitch darkness. A massive waste of troops and unrealistic approach to cavalry warfare. All in the name of cheesy spectacle.
  • Lyanna Mormont slaying a giant despite all bones shattered in body. Achieved by modifying the Giant’s behaviour to that which was previous exhibited. I.e. Enraged to docile.
  • Numerous scenes whereby characters were rescued last minute. The politest adjective I can use to describe this is very Un-Game-of-Thronesy. 

Unfortunately when you are pushing an agenda on Game of Thrones diversity. The series does not follow this trope, it is difficult to maintain relative realism.

Writers know by allowing the story to form the actions of the characters as in the first 5 or 6 seasons these events simply do not happen.

4) Other characters must be nullified.

Tyrion, the lovable rogue. Once so sure, intelligent and rarely outwitted has now been rewritten into a sober incompetent. Jon once so competent and eager to prove himself has been “dumbed down”. Bran has been made into a “stoner” offering vague unhelpful hints of the future whilst the hound is now a withering anxious mess.

I can forgive and understand Sandor Clegane, his aversion to fire is well documented. The other three mentioned are simply “nerfed” to allow easier transition of women into the dominant force in Westeros. All in the name of Game of Thrones diversity.

If you have to nullify characters as a plot device to allow the women to thrive, you are not writing the narrative effectively enough. I lost count of the number of scenes I watched numerous men cower in fear whilst Lyanna Mormont, a child with little or no battle experience marched round fearlessly, Notwithstanding the ludicrous Arya kill scene subverting for the sake of subversion.  


5) You destroy the thing that made Game of Thrones special in the first place.

Game of Thrones: No longer special

By pushing an agenda in conflict with the values of the show you remove the one thing that made Game of Thrones special. It’s brutal, unfair nature. 

Life is unfair and although we should strive for equality of opportunity it cannot always be achieved in a world as dark as Game of Thrones. You cannot tackle this with equality of outcome as you end up with characters in positions in conflict to the plot.

We now know Arya is the most powerful person; “slay” power coursing through her veins. Lyanna is the biggest hero of all time because the feminist audience demands it. At thesame time Sansa is the suddenly the smartest person in the world as god forbid we actually reflecting the subservient life she has suffered this far. 

Game of Thrones Diversity Drives the ending

Whilst the immortal Ramsay’s words haunt the darkest recesses of our mind. 

“if you think this has a happy ending you have not been paying attention”

I have been paying attention and for episode 4,5 and 6 I am ready to be subverted. By that I mean my expectations of a satisfying conclusion will be subverted into undiluted disappointed for the simple goal of championing diversity.

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