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5 Unbelievable Game Remakes We Want Right Now

Game Remakes are So In Right Now

Game Remakes are flavour of the month right now. Already this year we have been treated to an amazing re-imagining of Resident Evil 2. Coming up this year we also have Crash Team Racing, MediEvil and possibly even Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Well probably not, but you get the picture.

Game Remake

Why are Game Remakes So Popular?

There are two view points of looking at why game remakes are so popular. Game Developers and consumers. Let us focus on the latter first as I believe this is what drives the production and concept of game remakes.

Firstly from a gamer perspective, a remake is a call back to their childhood and nourishes every nostalgic bone in their body. Being an adult is stressful and game remakes of your favourite from younger days scratches that inner child itch. You already know you will enjoy it, characters are already loved and stories already heard. Finally the lack of risk also plays its’ part. Game remakes are less likely to disappoint as a lot of the components are already beloved.

Secondly the developer perspective, once again less risk. The fan base for this game is ready made. Therefore less promotion to establish market awareness is essential and just the fact you are making the game in the first place will often create enough of a buzz. You may even find already loyal fans are already promoting the game for you. The story already complete, the characters already written. to put it bluntly you are re-imagining rather than sourcing the idea from scratch. 

With this in mind we thought we would take a look at five games we would love to see remade:

1) Timesplitters 1 & 2

Developed by Radical Design. TimeSplitters was the original FPS couch co-cop game. The most well received was the sequel TimeSplitters 2. The series is probably the first FPS I can remember playing if we ignore hemorrhaging 20 pence pieces into the local arcade to play Night of the Living Dead and Time Crisis.

Game Remakes of TimeSplitters 1 & 2 have been sought after for many years. There was even an attempt to crowdfund a new game: TimeSplitters Rewind. I do wonder whether the already over-saturated Battle Royale market has room for another big contender.

Fortnite and Apex Legends have huge teams working behind them and a allow regular new content and patches. For Game Remakes of TimeSplitters to compete they would need similar muscle and financial power behind them. On the other hand it is my belief the initial popularity of the game would carry it along way and fans of Fortnite could not help but be seduced by its’ charm.

The good news as far as game remakes go is that the TimeSplitters IP has recently been snapped up by Koch Media hinting that a remake could very well be on the cards.

2) Silent Hill 2

No disrespect to Silent hill 1 or 3 as they are great games in their own right, but Silent Hill 2  gained a cult following among horror fans. You only have to look at the excellently executed Mr X from the Resident Evil 2 remake to wonder how a similar but altogether worse Pyramid head could be rendered in stunning realistic graphics and even immerses oneself with VR….terrifying. I must try to stop my mind racing the scene with the nurses and pyramid head.

Silent Hill 2 received an extremely positive reception at the time with much praise to the story and eeriness. The game did not have groundbreaking game-play mechanics and you would struggle to say ascends other survival horror in the genre. However the storytelling in this one is second to none.

Following the disappointment of P.T disappearing off the face of the map, game remakes of the Silent Hill series could really piggyback off the success of Capcom’s remaking of Resident Evil series. Even if they do not remake the game, Super EyePatch Wolf makes a great argument to replay the game anyway!


3) Metal Gear Solid

My first tangle with the MGS series back in 1998 was one of the gaming experiences I wish I could back to an experience over and over again. That battle with Sniper Wolf,  the fight on top of Metal Gear and the reveal of Master Miller as Liquid Snake are staples of my childhood. Even the cheat to see Meryl working out in her heavily pixelated panties is something I can’t help but remember as a sad little preteen boy. 

Unfortunately with the relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami at an all time low a remake of the first iteration on Playstation One is unlikely to happen. Even if it did, we would be talking about a remake without the grand master himself to make everything tick. In my opinion if you cannot do it right. You should not do it at all.

Metal Gear Solid Impression
Image by Xploitme

4) Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is an action role playing game developed and released in 1998 by Square now Square Enix. I actually struggled when trying to summarise this game without going in too deep. Probably the best synopsis was found of the Parasite Eve Wiki. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

The story follows an intelligent half-white half-Japanese New York City police officer named Aya Brea, and her struggle against an ancient evil called “Eve” threatening humanity, animals, and all life on Earth. The horrifying bond between Aya and Eve will continue until one of them dies. ” 

This was the first game of Square to be given a mature rating and cinematically even at the time the game was beautiful. As game remakes go I would love to see what that could do with such a game with modern mechanics and graphical enhancements. I would also relish the opportunity to investigate some more of the lore and although it may not be as big as some of Square Enix’s other IPs there is more than enough interest there to make bank so to speak. 

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

I was torn between this and Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader. However I believe there is more desire from the fan base to see Knights of the Old Republic with modern action and graphical capabilities. 

Knights of the Old Republic is widely considered to be the best Star Wars game ever made. In the upcoming trilogy they are going to be exploring this world and hopefully the writers of Game of Thrones do not savage it like Season 8 just aired.

You could push the story either way on the force spectrum and the game served as a strong influence of the mass effect series that followed. Taking place 4000 years before the formation of the galactic empire you engage in round-based combat against Darth Malak. If game remakes were to be ranked, this would be the gold standard in game remakes and one us Star Wars fans would beg to be be remade.

Once again even is not remade, you can still pick up the game of Steam as a PC Owner.

Game Remakes
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What game remakes would you like to see? Are there any games that you feel could never be remade? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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