GameStarter 4: Flat Earth Theory Sekiro and FF7!

People be crazy!!!

This week in the Gamestarter Gaming News Show we discussed flat earth theory as well as Sekiro’s release and reception, The released of Final Fantasy 7 on switch as well as a pretty spectacular mod to give high quality visuals to the classic game on PC.

Flat Earth Theory

In the Heidi_Peidi feature this week we discussed the craziness of the flat earthers and why we think it is nonsense. Heidi goes into full rage mode so enjoy.

The Night Sky Prince

The streamer of the week is The Night Sky Prince. Really popular on YouTube he has now moved on Twitch as a streamer also. He mainly plays Final Fantasy related games and provides some really good content. Check him out here.

Product of the week

This weeks product of the week is the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300.


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