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Google Stadia Console and Division 2 – GameStarter 3

GameStarter Show 3 – Google Stadia Console and The Division 2!

Google Stadia Console

All eyes on google!

Google Stadia Console:

Here we have episode 3 of the GameStarter show with the Google Stadia Console hype being the main feature. Sorry about being late uploading this to the website but I have been busy finding out more about the Google Stadia Console. Little was known about the mystery console upon making this video but I will be making another video next week, This will have a full breakdown of the press conference and features we have been made aware of so far!

The Division 2:

We also had the release of The Division 2. I have barely touched the main story and the multiplayer mode so far but really impressed so far. As per usual we also have our streamer of the week which is FatalErr0rTTV. We also have the Heidi_Peidi feature featuring my beautiful stunning wife.

Mental Health:

Finally in the next few weeks I will be releasing an article about gaming and mental health. Having recently suffered from depression and anxiety I feel it is important to let people know about the positive impact it has had on me so far. I know gaming gets a lot of bad press therefore I wanted to paint it in a positive light positive. This will show the doubters there is a lot more to gaming then they had believed. By the way I would like to extend a thank to several people who have supported me in the last few weeks including my wife Heidi, Neat, Scaredy and Fatal.

Work Load:

In the words of Bilbo Baggins I feel stretched. “Like butter spread over too much bread” but hopefully I can keep this going with the Google Stadia Console just round the corner.  I will try and upload the video for next week a lot more promptly. However my main focus will be cramming as much on the Google Stadia as possible. If you have not seen my previous videos a good place to start would be here.

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