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Gaming Cheats – 5 Key Thoughts

Cheating Gamers - Understanding why

Apex Legends screenshot
Me playing Apex - SHould I be angry some gain unfair advantage over me by cheating?

Gaming cheats, I can’t quite comprehend you. What approval do you get when using hacks and cheats to win against strangers on the internet?

I’ll admit I enjoy winning as much as the next person but to cheat baffles me. Winning whilst cheating must feel empty, yet gaming cheats continue to float the rules, game after game.

10 years ago this was not a big deal. However now with the rise of esports and career professionals from online gaming this is an important area to tackle. Gaming cheats are the doping athletes of the gaming world.

Why do people cheat?

Steamworks Development delivered an interesting presentation that identified the different types of gaming cheats.

Achievers: People who cannot handle losing and must win whatever the cost.

Griefers: The Dark Knight’s Joker of the gaming cheats. Some people just wants to watch the world burn. Sadistic.

Casuals: These are people who struggle to compete and don’t want their incompetence to ruin the game.

Vigilantes: The gaming equivalent of breaking the rules to get back at the cheaters.

Followers: Almost a combination of casuals and vigilantes.

In the same way that many thieves are opportunist, the same is true of gamers. Many fall into the category of casual cheaters. Some are not even aware what they are doing is damaging the game’s reputation and community.


In what ways can you cheat?

  • Aimbots – The first of the automated methods of cheating, essentially points the gun in the direction of targets regardless of walls or distance. Most common of course in first and third person shooters.
  • Triggerbots – Will automatically fire when the enemy enters the targeting receptacle. More advanced gaming cheats will implement advanced software that often includes delayed firing to seem more natural.
  • Lookahead Cheating – Common in architectural peer to peer gaming. Essentially fooling the system into thinking the gamer suffers high latency allowing the gamer to view the move of the opponent before making their own.
  • Wallhacks and Radars – Allow you to see enemies through walls and mark them on the mini-map. This means you will know where your enemies are without having to actually see them.
  • Removal of gaming hindrances – There are a lot of factors to consider when firing a weapon in a FPS game. Recoil, spread, vision, bullet drop. Hacks can be used to remove these giving an unfair advantage.
  • Bot Farming – More common in the MMORPG game sector. Essentially the mundane and simple tasks are performed by scripts and bots. This allows the players to earn resources at a quicker than expected level. This can be combined with scripts that will autocomplete certain actions.

I am sure there are many more but I am blissfully unaware of them. I will sit there and parrot good game even if something feels not quite right. In Apex Legends they have recently clamped down on cheaters banning over 700,000 players at last count. 

Often upon my early untimely demise I watch the players who have picked me off with relative ease. Majority of the time I see nothing untoward. Many are better than me, some are worse. Every so often though I see a player whose aim is so pure it is like they are firing a god damn laser beam. Maybe they are just that good? Maybe they are cheating? Problem is, I am nowhere near advanced enough to know. I don’t want to report every player who defeats me. It just seems wrong.

Even the pros are at it?

In the YouTube video above TrendCrave shows some gaming cheats in action. The outcries of denial make it worth watching on its’ own. 

Most recently Nikhil “Forsaken” Kumawat was banned for 5 years following being caught using aimbot hack a 2018 tournament. So the motive is clear. I comprehend that but I like to think cheaters never prosper, just ask Lance Armstrong in cycling whose name is now dirt.

With these sort of incidents, reputations are irreparable but it does make you wonder if some big names got away with it in the past. Of course we will never know. Incidently, it would seem unfair if some of today’s bigger names have crafted careers outside of gaming “made it” with the help of said undesirable methods.

Are gaming cheats a big deal?

The answer is resoundingly yes!

Let’s look at it from two perspectives: Personal and commercial.


I work incredibly hard along with running this website in my spare time, therefore my game time is at a premium. Cheating will ruin my enjoyment of the game and poison the experience. If a game is full of cheats I have cannot use what time I have to play it.

I am left with the uncomfortable “itch” of internally debating whether someone is cheating or not. I still believe gaming cheats still make up a tiny proportion of the gaming community.  On the other hand will the fair and honest competitors continue to engage with the medium whilst others gain an unfair advantage.

This brings me nicely on the other side of things.


If I buy a game I am excited to play it. I will encourage my friends to play it and I will praise the publishers and developers.

If I have to compete with cheaters, I will likely lose and therefore be unlikely to continue playing this game. I will then negatively feedback about the game to my friends and review sites.

This will impact revenue not just for this game but for future games released by the developer. If they do not act upon cheating, it is unlikely I will want to play more of their games as my positive experience could be compromised.

This is not the developers fault however they must act to restrict the practice as a means of protecting their product often at great cost.

Is there a solution?

Quite honestly? I don’t believe there is. You only have to look towards the Olympics to see that cheating is rife and ridiculously hard to eradicate.

Similarly the developers of bots, scripts and hacks are exceedingly intelligent people, often one or two steps ahead of the hacking “police”. Banning gamers whilst necessary is a short term solution to a long term problem. Equivalent to arresting the bomb maker without confronting the source of the terror. I can only hope there is a solution out there somewhere.

What ways would you tackle gaming cheats? Let me know in the comments below.

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