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Entertainment YouTube Channels Get a bad rep

Gaming YouTube Channels have come in for a bit of stick recently. We figured it was time to be more positive towards them and appreciate why people choose to watch them, including myself. 

The most recent controversy was an article written by Ian Sherr of In which he turns his attention to various gaming YouTube Channels for being angry and profiting off the anger of the gaming community. In the image above is a link to the archived version of the article for your reading pleasure (or displeasure as the case may be).

First of all, a lot of the creators he chose to fire shots at don’t actually appear that angry in my opinion. The majority of their videos are entertaining and thought provoking. 

Secondly, even if they were angry? why would that be a problem? If that is what people want to watch, all power to them? The great thing about YouTube is you are able to pick who you want to watch. As long as these videos are not inciting hate it is fair game. Similarly people should recognise things you disagree with do not automatically qualify as hate.

Finally this article exhibits a premise similar to that which it set out to critique. To clarify, the article is there to profit and take advantage of dissatisfaction in the gaming/entertainment community.

As a result we felt it was right to identify gaming YouTube channels that we really enjoy. So here are four gaming YouTube channels that we watch and we recommend that you watch as well for their great content:

Whilst I think Jeremy will agree he is not everyone’s cup of tea, We love him! His commitment to regular well produced content makes him one of the best gaming YouTube channels around. He will talk about relevant topics often avoided by mainstream journalism. At the same time the majority of his content is well measured and informative. 

Detractors may mistake his videos for “angry” content. However he tackles topics that sometimes aren’t always most pleasant but at the same time need to be addressed. I look forward to getting home from work and watching his videos every evening. It is a testament to him as a creator that he manages to release varied high quality content so regularly whilst maintaining a full time career. I respect this massively and benefits his content allowing him to be impartial as he is not financially reliant on advertisers to get by.

He really has peaked this year in January 2019: His videos have been viewed a whopping 153,620,876 times. For many he represents the silent majority in the face of the very vocal minority pushing agendas in gaming, entertainment and journalism. 

You can also support him on gaming YouTube channels here!

Whilst Gameranx may not tackle the same controversial topics addressed by other gaming YouTube channels. It really is a channel for those that love gaming! 

Gameranx reaches out into so many types of videos. From list videos to before you buy videos and I would also definitely recommend checking out their Friday show!

What I like most about the Gameranx channel is the sheer variety of content they offer. Gamers of all walks of life will find something of interest here. There is a temptation for content creators to find something that works and stick with it. Nonetheless Gameranx regularly caters for a variety of viewers and keeps a wide selection of content on offer.

Gameranx has a immense 1,522,459,505 views and over 5 million subscribers. In conclusion Gameranx must be doing something right. 

If you are a fan of gaming and have spare time to kill I would certainly recommend these types of gaming YouTube channels. The videos are not as serious as others like The Quartering regardless  I am a regular viewer and find it easy to dip in and out of their videos.


If you just saw the title you may believe that this is one of those gaming YouTube channels focusing on female characters’ “blessings” and attempts of games to hide them. In reality there is a lot more to gaming censorship than the removal of the odd cleavage, as evidenced by the video above.

There are a myriad of ways games and regions will go to censor games. Sometimes this is cultural, sometimes this is sexual and finally sometimes this is purely for financial gain. Censored gaming discusses these in depth as well as doing the research as to why.

Along with the this, videos are bite sized meaning if you only have a free 15 minutes. It is plenty of time to get through 2 or 3 videos. Perfect for those with busy schedules who love gaming.

Check out Censored Gaming’s Patreon to support him if you want to see more of his videos.

4) Gaming Careers

We are going on a different tack for the last one. As you know we are big endorsers of streaming on this website. As a streamer, you absolutely must follow this channel! As far as education gaming YouTube channels go that will help you to stream, this is the best! 

Sure, there are other channels that might have more over the top enthusiasm in the absence of real content. However this is about knowledge and technical know how as well as presenting it in an easy format, easy to digest for viewers. 

I try and post occasional articles myself to help streamers improve set up their twitch environment. Nevertheless, this channel is on another level.

This person has nowhere near as many subscribers as they should and if you take one thing away from this I recommend you go and subscribe to this channel. Especially if you plan on streaming regularly. I also recommend supporting him on Patreon.

Not all gaming YouTube channels are made equal!

Buts that’s okay! 

The best advice I can give you is watch the channels that interest you. There also plenty of other creators that will definitely interest people on this website. I also recommend you check out the best Final Fantasy YouTube Channels too!

Finally I just want offer my best wishes and sympathies to another great YouTube I watch regularly: That Star Wars Girl. 

The whole entertainment and Youtube community have been shocked and saddened by the news of her sisters’ death. I imagine Anna would appreciate her privacy at the time. 

Geeks and Gamers set up a Go Fund Me page which is no longer accepting donations. However if you still want to support Anna, you could do worse than enjoy some of her great YouTube videos on Star Wars!

Peace Out,


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