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Most hated Apex Legends Players

You try hard, you are at the very most competitive. Ultimately though it is not enough. The abuse starts……from the most hated Apex players.

“Are you blind?”

“what the f*ck was that?”

Followed by an inevitable wisecrack about pile-driving your Mother despite the fact you know they have never been inside a woman’s bedroom let alone a woman.

There are many distasteful behaviours and to put it politely, idiosyncrasies that can frustrate you with players across the game. I thought I would put them all on a list in no particular order.

So hear are the most hated Apex Legends players types currently frequenting the game.

  1. The Lone Ranger

    Much to the frustration of the most hated Apex Legends players.  Apex Legends is a team game, long has the Lone Ranger badgered Apex and Respawn on twitter for a solo mode. I have no doubt we will see it one day.

    However, until then the Lone Ranger will continue to play the 3 v 3 mode as though it were the solo mode.

    Don’t get me wrong, some of them are exceptionally well skilled! On the other hand rarely have I seen a solo victory. A good players’ job is made a million times easier by teammates, even if they are just serving as canon fodder in a firefight.

    Key indicators of a lone ranger are

    – Refusal to revive people.

    – Landing solo a million miles away from teammates.

    – Tackling three person squads and hitting the dust prematurely before….

  2. Leaving the game early after death

    Most hated Apex Legend players

    I am an extremely average player. Impressively average you might say. On the odd occasion I have dispatched another team or most likely evading fire longer enough for them to move on.

    I will always  revive and respawn my comrades however  there is nothing more frustrating than reaching the death box to find no banner. You then know deep in your heart of hearts this game is over you are one or two against teams of three.

    Perhaps you make it to the last two or three or on the rarest occasion even win. How much easier would it have been with a full component. Most hated Apex Legends players number 2 the early leaver.

  3. The Mute

    “Let’s land here”…nothing.

    “How about here”…..nothing.

    On the descent you wonder where you might end up…but still nothing

    eventually you land and all end up going for the same loot as your teammate refuses to communicate.

    I appreciate in other games not everyone enjoys online chat. Apex legends caters for the socially anxious through its’ clever ping system. You can tell your teammates when you see an enemy. Where you want to land and even what attachments you need for your weapon of choice.

    ignore this feature at your peril. It is the key to success and vital for your team to become the well oiled destruction machine that belongs in Apex legends. Most hated Apex Legends player number three; the mute.

  4. The Human Dyson

    Most hated Apex Legend players

    The human Dyson is a special type of hoarder. Awash with attachments and hop ups for weapons they don’t have, med kits they don’t need, and ammo of which they already have plenty.

    They would rather loot death boxes and buildings than join the battle or revive a team mate. It matters not whether their teammates have nothing to defend themselves as long as they have a full component of weapons, attachments and grenades.

    Do us all a favour next time you play our most hated Apex Legends players, who act as human hoarders. Share the loot if you have plenty, it will make the battle much easier in the long run.

  5. The Trash Talker

    Who hurt you?

    Why do you speak such filth?

    How can I make amends for disappointing you so?

    Nah just kidding. Serious though, Chill out! Not everyone can spend 12 hours of every day grinding on Apex. I understand you may have fornicated with a close relative of mine. I appreciate you are going to come burn my house down.

    I enjoy your harsh judgement on my performance on a fictional game that has very little impact on my real life.

    Calm down, say “gg” like a good little boy or girl and move on. You will have more fun in the long run. The final addition on the most hated Apex Legends players list. The trash talker.

    So there we have it.  Come watch me disappoint people online on my twitch or watch my latest YouTube Video on people who have slid into Mrs GameStarter’s DMs

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