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start a website for gaming


I wanted to start a website for gaming news but had no idea how to do so. I have spent much of my spare time looking for the key things I need to do to get this ball rolling. Although this is all about starting a gaming website, you can apply this to any website.

I have started a long long journey in the last week and though my feet be tired and weary I have learnt a lot. Here are the stepped I have taken so far. I am going to continue to add to this as time goes by as I add new content and theory to my site.

  1. Add contact form – This allow people to get in touch. This is important when you start a gaming website as you need to be contactable for copyright issues, advertising issues and data protection issues.
  2. Add about me section – Really important for monetisation such as Adsense as google will not approve you otherwise but also have your pride in your achievement when you start a gaming website.
  3. Add social buttons- This will allow people to share your work and life other areas where you might display your work
  4. Install professional themes
  5. SEO of website – You want people to find your website. I have downloaded Yoast to aid me in this. It is a great plugin that gives step by step instruction on how to make your page more SEO friendly
  6. Authenticate website for google and bing. This will allow Google bots and Bing bots to crawl your website. Sounds minging I know but it is a vital part of being found on a search engine.
  7. Apply for google adsense and Amazon Affiliate – This will allow you to monetise your site. If I am honest I would wait until you built up viewers when you start a gaming website. You will then know where your clients are located and what they are looking for allowing you to adapt accordingly.
  8. Write blog articles for website.
  9. Add widgets for subscribe and mail chimp pop up, Facebook, twitter timeline- I have found custom code from developer links e.g. Facebook Developer on the websites are best as they allow you to mark up and thus implement GDPR requirements on them.
  10. Add privacy and cookie statement to website – Vital for GDPR so visitors understand what data you collect and where it goes.
  11. Arrange data protection and GDPR solutions. I use This has allowed me to generate a cookie and privacy policy as well as implement prior consent. If I was to say the most painful process since I wanted to start a gaming website it would be implementing prior consent for the cookies. To put it simply marking up HTML code to ensure cookies doe not install until a visitor has consented to it
  12. Regularly review old articles to check if their is anything you can add. Much like I am doing here, when you start a gaming website, the news and tips become out of date fast. Small five minutes visits allow you to nip and tuck here and there to ensure the article does not become a dead article. When you start a gaming website, small weeding is much easier than mass removal!

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