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Play-Asia: 5 Great Things Worth Buying

Play-Asia can satisfy your Asian Entertainment Fix

Play-Asia is an online retailer who specialises in products from various forms of media.

Their website sells:

Import games






Gaming console accessories



And even Groceries

Play-Asia is based in Hong Kong,  although they do international shipping for people outside the Asian region. If you have a friend with a enthusiasm for Anime, A family member with a hobby in Japanese games or harboring an urge to sample some Asian grocery products. Play-Asia is your online retailer.

1) Plush Dolls

Plush Dolls are great. Play-Asia has some really niche plush dolls. A great gift for collectors and children alike. No one can be disappointed with this friendly pal to curl up to a good game/series/comic with.

My favourite of the lot is the Heartless plush doll from the Kingdom Hearts series. I have problems taking their deep seated evil seriously when they look so damn cute. I have not seen these anywhere else but lets be honest Japanese really do Kawaii the best.


2) Retro Games

Many games cannot be found anymore. Have a title from your childhood that you want to go back and feel those nostalgic memories? Play-Asia has got you covered.

A high proportion of Japanese RPG games. However these retro games tend to lend themselves to high replay value as they do not focus so much on graphical superiority. Rather Good storytelling and lovable characters are more the focus.

My pick on Play-Asia would be Legend of the Dragoon. A fantastically underrated RPG from the Playstation One. All the familiar RPG tropes are on show here and everything is executed really well. If you are an old school RPG gamer I encourage you to go out and play this. A chance of a sequel is unlikely but the more fans the better and you never know. Check it out on Play-Asia.

The Legend of Dragoon (Greatest Hits)


Image of game cover from Play-Asia
Image from Play-Asia, click image to check it out.

3) Portable Chargers

Festival season is upon us! With that comes muddy boots, overrated music and a diet of pot noodle and crisps. In additional to this every festival goers worst nightmare, low battery on mobiles.

A symptom of a digital age, our phones have become as important to us as wallet and keys and to some even the air they breath.

Once again Play-Asia has got you covered. Anker PowerCore 10000 with Quick Charge 3.0 (10000mAh) (Black) is the solution to all these woes. A very specific example above but this product is good for everything. Long journey days, in a rush days and even just those days you have forgotten to charge the phone at home. Within half an hour fast charger enabled devices can be at 80% with this bad boy. It also hold enough charge to fully charge three phones.

Even better if you are using it as a USB charger it will fast charge your device 400% faster that a standard charger. Perfect for those hasty occasions where you have somewhere to be.

Anker PowerCore 10000 with Quick Charge 3.0 (10000mAh) (Black) get yours here!

4) Censored Games

Regardless of whether you think censorship is right in games, many people will seek out the uncensored version of games. I don’t believe in denying anybody the choice of what they do in their spare time as long as legal and not harming others.

Play-Asia serves as an avenue to ensure that console owners such as PS4 owners in the US and UK can experience the games as they were originally intended.

Dead or Alive has been the victim of controversy of late, see my thoughts on the controversy. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlett however is available uncensored on Play-Asia. It is multi language so you can utilise the dubs or subs depending on personal preference. This will be greatly appreciated by Dead or Alive fans on playsation 4 especially as Nintendo fans on these shores will still be getting the uncensored version.

Playasia - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more
Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet (Multi-Language)

5) Books

Never under estimate a good book. In spite of this some of you may think that books are dead in this digital age. Play-Asia could not prove you more wrong. Whether is be comics, art books, game guides or even calendars. This Asian online retailer is your place.

These type of items are not high ticket items (well mostly). But they make great gifts for the anime or game enthusiast. I would warn you that some of these are more appropriate for adult fans of the genre but personal judgement never goes amiss eh?

Persona 5 Official Setting Art Book is my pick here on Play-Asia. It showcases the fantastic art work that went into Persona 5’s well received styling. It features the below features:

  • Artworks of the main characters and his Personas
  • Original drafts of the characters.
  • Game visuals and story boards
  • Personal data of main characters.
 Check out the image below for some examples of the work on Play-Asia
Persona 5 setting book
Images from Persona 5 Setting Book on Play-Asia

Check out Play-Asia today for some fantastic products only available in Asia. Drop in the comments below some other great online retailers for products from Asia. Also check out my article on the fantastic metal posters available on Displate. Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more

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