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Simple Streamer Checklist: 10 Powerful Essentials for any Streamer!

Simple Streamer Checklist

Being a streamer can be really stressful hence why you need a simple streamer checklist! Rather than enjoying the wealth of fantastic games available on all platforms, you become focused on perfecting your stream, tweaking your audio and go cross eyed as you try and watch in game events whilst monitoring the number of viewers and chat box simultaneously. A streamer is never relaxed playing a game.

“Is this sound working?”

“Is the video lagging?”

“and why the hell are my follow notifications not showing?”

These are questions I ask myself daily and questions that I will continue to ask myself until my hands are too old and arthritic to play video games. However there are things I would recommend having in place to make your life easier. I am no master streamer but as a complete amateur streamer and “noob” streamer is making the mistakes and as a result being able to stop another streamer making them.

Below are 10 things I would recommend for any streamer!

simple streamer checklist

1) Sound...Testing 1, 2, 3...

The one thing that makes me turn a stream off more than anything else is poor audio. Get this sorted first in the simple streamer checklist. If you sound like you are talking through an empty crisp packet your viewers will soon float away like said crisp packet in a windy school playground. I recommend the Blue Yeti Mic and it looks sexy too!

2) A Good Connection - Ethernet Cable

Wireless has come on leaps and bounds but still the most reliable way to ensure a stress free stream is to connect manually using a wireless cable. The best gaming ethernet cable I have found is the UGREEN Ethernet Cable, 5m Cat 7 RJ45 Cable. A vital tool for any streamer.

3) Fast, Reliable Internet

There are many a streamer out there who are scuppered by poor internet. Unfortunately if your stream is going down more than Rocky against Ivan Drago people will drift to more reliable streams. Sort this before addressing any other issues on this simple streamer checklist.

4) Webcam - A Face to the Name

I know what you may be thinking. “Why would people want to see my face?” along with “but I don’t want to straighten my hair to stream?”. Listen to me when I say this, people don’t care about your looks at all on stream. 

There will always be a few select streamers out there who get by on their look. I wish I could say I was among them. Regardless, humans are social creatures and are naturally drawn to a streamer with webcam as opposed to a faceless voice. It allows them to experience the stream with you through your facial reactions and always remember a picture paints a thousand words. I recommend the Logitech c920 HD Webcam.  Click the link below to purchase.

5) A Love of Gaming

This may seem obvious but you have to love games to stream. I liken it to when I left university to become a Mathematics teacher. I was told it was a good, well respected job with great career prospects. The only issue was I realised very quickly upon graduating that I despised teaching. It is best to realise this right at the start before your hate of streaming overpowered your love of games completely.

Game Remake

6) A Thick Skin - Sticks and Stones

Much like your tinder profile you will always have people metaphorically swiping left on your twitch/mixer/youtuber profile so fast it is a wonder that their index figure is still attached to their upper extremities. It happens, deal with it and move on. 

The similarities do not stop there, much like that time you matched with Tim and exchanged sweet nothings to each others phones until he ghosted off in the distance your subscribers and watchers will not watch you forever. It doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong but gaming and watching you stream is not the most important thing in their lives.

7) Discipline and Commitment

Stick to a schedule! This is one area I massively struggle with! I go on at random times whenever I am free to game. I could and should be more organised. Your viewers need to know when you will be streaming.

8) A Comfy, supporting seat!

Showing my age here? Possibly but I really believe you should be investing in a comfy chair with good support. If you are going to be doing a mammoth streaming session this could be a second home to you so don’t be afraid to invest here if you can. You will only regret it when it is too late. 

If money is no object and you want to be an absolute baller I recommend Boulies Gaming Chair E-sports Multi-functional Ergonomic Leather Chair with Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow and Head Pillow Ninja Series (Black). It may seem odd to give one spot to such a small mundane thing on this simple streamer checklist. You should also look at the ideals snacks too!

9) Time

It seems obvious but if you want to make money on twitch/youtube and mixer. You cannot over extend yourself. If you only have time for one of the above, pick one that you feel the most comfortable with and focus on it.

10) Lots of Money...nah just kidding! Willingness to network.

Twitter, Instagram and the internet are your friends! and much of the best advice including advice on this streamer blog come from other streamers. If you do not network this simple streamer checklist will be wasted.

So there we are. The Top 10 things you absolutely must have to be a streamer in the form of simple streamer checklist! Here are links to several of the products mentioned, Remember only buy what you can afford, another part of being a streamer is knowing what you need and what you can live without.

Cheers and chow,


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