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The 5 E3 Announcements We Need Right Now!

E3 Announcements of Previous Years are not easily forgotten

E3 is Christmas for gamers all over the world. The convention fast becoming one of the first dates marked on gamers’ calendars across the globe.  But why has this event become so popular with players and industry experts everywhere?

One word, Hype! The E3 announcements of yesteryear stick in our mind of what to expect and what could possibly be. Reaching back to the Christmas metaphor, it is like waking up to Christmas day knowing you have some great presents to open, as well as some super secret surprises that you never even knew were coming.

Consider the 2015 FFVII: Remake announcement of E3 2015. Literal chills ran down my spine watching the trailer back. Part of what made this moment so special was the combination of years of wanting combined with the unexpected nature of the E3 announcements that fateful day.


With the above in mind. Lets look at 5 E3 announcements that will likely send the crowd wild at E3. Some of these are expected, and a few of these haven’t even been hinted at However all of these E3 announcements will likely send the viewers crazy at E3.

1) Tifa Reveal!

E3 Announcements - Tifa

There are many E3 announcements people are waiting for in relation to the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

A release date?

Combat details?

The multi-game structure?

and finally Tifa Lockhart

The most recent trailer for Final Fantasy was amazing but noticeably missing one of the most beloved characters. In the same way in The Witcher 3 has the constant fan battle between Triss or Yennifer. In Final Fantasy VII you are either team Tifa or Team Aerith.

Me? I am not going to sit here, ass anchored to the fence. I am team Tifa. I have Tifa Displates and they looks glorious. In the image above are one of the many images circling the internet of what people hope the hard hitting lady is going to look like. 

Of course along with this comes its’ own controversy. Many fans are worried Square Enix will bow down to modern social justice and we will see a version of Tifa far from the source material. Along with this Final Fantasy VII already has a selection of scenes and moments that may not be deemed appropriate in modern society. However this is unlikely, Square Enix showed hints of this with the character models of Cindy from FFXV and 2B from Nier Automata.

In addition to this, far from the fan art of late, there really isn’t much to censor. I for one believe we’ll get a realistic strong minded Tifa complete with the curves and aesthetics that have made her as fan favourite in the first instance.

2) A George R R Martin & From Software Collab

Simply describing this as the George R R Martin game like publications are doing would be disrespectful in recognition of the stellar work of From Software of late. It must be said I am excited, these are the E3 announcements we live for.




Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been one of the hit games of this year racking up impressive reviews on Metacritic, IGN and Eurogamer. Therefore fans should not only be excited because of George R R Martin and his world building acumen, but also because of From Software ability to deliver a polished high quality experience.

Little is know about the game so far. Rumours are rife, and E3 announcements could confirm an open world game that GRRM would be well suited to assisting with. It is expected there will be some sort of announcement during the Microsoft conference.


3) Alien Returns

e3 announcements - Alien Isolation 2
image from https://horrorfreaknews.com

This is one of those E3 announcements we probably don’t think we want, but we really do need. Not only because of the excellent execution of the original Alien Isolation game but also as a series that has had so few wins in the gaming arena before that. I am not sure if any of us fans are quite ready to collectively shake with fear just yet however we would still give it our best shot.

Be that as it may, we might not be getting the game we expect. In short there have been rumblings online that the game could actually even be an Alien themed MMO. Notably this is because the original source of the tweet suggest this is claimed to be Chris L’Etoile; a writer who has previous worked on Mass Effect 1 and 2 (yes, the good ones) and MMO Asheron’s Call.


Twitter post

As much as I would be very interested to see how they would implement the law of Alien within an MMO, I just can’t see it. Furthermore I feel taking a creature like the Alien and inserting into an MMO environment might remove some of the aspects that made it so terrifying in the first place.

4) Halo: Infinite E3 Announcements

Science Fiction Soldier
Image by Andrea Wierer from Pixabay

Unfortunately the brutal truth, Microsoft does not really do E3 announcements very well. Nevertheless the absence of Sony could be just the pep talk that Microsoft needed to change their fortunes. With possible Fable 4 and even Age of Empires IV E3 announcements and the almost guaranteed sighting of Gears 5, this could really go well for Microsoft.

Then there is Halo.

As far as E3 announcements go, Halo is pretty big. From the initial musings so far, the gameplay shown at E3 is likely to be on PC and this is purely for a practical reason. Halo: Infinite is likely to be a next gen game so it is impossible really to introduce console play without having first announced and revealed the consoles themselves. 

Thurrott also suggests another reason could simply be from a marketing perspective. The company wants to create as much hype as possible. Consequently showcasing the game in its’ best light is essential rather than the now outdated hardware of the Xbox One.

5) Sony - Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Sony will not be at E3, and that means no E3 announcements. Upsetting I know! On the other hand does that mean we won’t hear from them? Unlikely! This is a massively reach and potentially about 0% of happening but what if Sony has a secret plan. As a result I am going to file these possible E3 announcements under the conspiracy theories section.

Moreover, consider this. Picture Microsoft just setting up to deliver their conference before noticing unrest in the audience. A shifting that indicates they are not in on the joke. People are checking phones and tablets all clearly distracted by something big.

A bead of concerning sweat glistens on the Microsoft executives’ forehead as they realise what is happening. Sony has livestreamed a reveal of the PlayStation 5 right in the middle of the Xbox conference in what could be the greatest marketing ploy of this century. The audacity apparent in what would be the most memorable of E3 announcements without even being there.

Ultimately this won’t happen and the above is a consequence of an overactive imagination and over zealous marketing brain but you never know. 

Let me know in the comments below any surprise E3 announcements you would love to see.


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