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The Curious and Remarkable Film Industry Shoehorn Complex

Film Industry is Suffering from A Lazy Writing EPidemic

The film industry has been busy of late, preoccupied with diversity quotas and bone-idle attempts to cash in on social guilt. In the last 30 days, we have a wealth of progressive journalists clapping like seals and virtue signalling.

Don’t be fooled! Their apparent support of swapping racial and gender roles has nothing to do with social equality yet everything to do with increasing website traffic and lazy clickbait. It is disingenuous and frankly insulting to the fans and races and genders they pretend to elevate.

Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash
Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Firstly, let’s outline the recent news in the film industry that has caused a stir. We have the introduction of a Black Ariel, female black 007 rumours (double points there!) and the villainisation of Scarlett Johansson. We also have news articles positively dining out on a small nothing answer given by Tom Holland concerning future LGBT+ superheroes.

Didn’t want black, Ariel? Racist!

Don’t want black, female 007? Racist and Sexist!

Don’t want Spiderman who swings for the other side? Homophobic!

These slurs are almost as lazy as the rewriting of famous characters in an attempt virtue signal to the twitter mob and masses. Looking at Disney first and foremost, let’s not pretend they are the leader in promoting the rights of the LGBT+ community. The controversy serves one purpose for Disney, free marketing and hype generation within the film industry. 


Film Industry Identity Politics

Shouldn't the Film Industry Support diversity?


The best way they can do this is by creating new characters and original stories to inspire fans and children of diverse backgrounds. Look at Black Panther and the reason it has widespread support and success. It is a decent film with accurate character portrayals although I have chosen to ignore the overrated reviews and outrage to those looking to criticise it.

Don’t get me wrong. People out there hold discriminatory views that are racially charged or misogynistic. The majority of fans don’t like seeing characters we grew up with changed for the sake of identity politics. The majority of fans don’t enjoy constant preaching. Many black people would prefer beautiful black characters written to high quality, rather than the alternative of riding the coattails of previously white characters. I imagine the LGBT+ community possibly feels similar. Of course, I do not know this, but this is what I believe.

You then have lazy article churners like the Mary Sue peddling straw man arguments. Claiming people are unhappy because a black Ariel is not realistic is dishonest and assumptive. Most fans are not questioning the realism but are more concerned with changing the source characters to appease identity politics in the film industry. Criticism regarding whitewashing of racially diverse characteristics can be rightly administered, for instance, if the next Black Panther becomes the White Panther. I will unhappy as the next person as the Black Panther is a black character.

The name is Diversity....Gender and Racial Diversity

Next on the identity politics hit list in the film industry was “007”. Now, as far as I am aware. There is no official announcement of Lashana Lynch being the new “007” although there is no smoke without fire. The main issue with this as it is an attempt to alienate the core fan base of James Bond. My dad introduced me to James Bond as a youth. Like any teenager, I was drawn in by the fantasy, a swathe agent saving the world while driving fast cars and meeting beautiful women. 

As many point out, Lashana will not be the new Bond, and Daniel Craig will still be in the next instalment. Primarily it is clear and distinct they wish to piggyback the success of the James Bond franchise. While this iteration may even have Bond, I have a feeling we are being warmed up for a female, black protagonist replacement in the next film. Ocean’s 7 and Ghostbusters female-led reboots have shown this to be unwise as both films flopped at the box office.

Fans can question as to the second reason why they will not create a franchise with a black, female spy? Do they believe this cannot be successful? Do they think that black characters will only be celebrated in already predominantly white roles?

If I were black or female, I would be pretty insulted right now.

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The Greater Evil

Hollywood and the film industry has become lazy and safe. As a result, the majority of its’ time is spent rehashing old film franchises to add an unoriginal twist of the main having a different identity. Incredibly woke yet incredibly false diversity.

Once the film industry pulls its’ proverbial head out of its’ ass to start making original modern pieces allowing true diversity and representation. Rather than token gestures to communities that have enough about them to create their own stories.

Check out my thoughts on other attempts to shoehorn in character types in the likes of Game of Thrones.

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