Mr and Mrs GameStarter enjoying each others company.

Look at these two beautiful souls! Aren’t they just glorious? Nah, all in serious how pretty is Heidi_Peidi?

Anyway I got distracted there for a moment. Starting from the 3rd March 2019. Heidi and myself will be running a regular show for all the streamers and gamers out there. I will not pretend it is going to be the most amazing production out there although me and Heidi will try our bloody hardest but it will be a relaxed way get your gaming fix of the latest news of the week whilst having a laugh.

Every week we will have several news items which we will discuss at length. A streamer of the week feature where I will big up someone I have watching throughout the week. This will be limited to smaller streamers and hopefully help develop the streaming and gaming community. We will then have the Heidi_Peidi feature for some light comic relief before we wrap things up with a product of the week. This could be a game, console, a piece of gaming or streaming equipment.

Episode 1:

Find out what makes the Nvidia 1660ti so great! 1 Top 10 Smash and Top 10 smash characters along with the latest news.Tune in Sunday between 10am and 12pm

Episode 2:

This week we will be discussing the Fortnite season 8 battle pass, Dead or Alive girls controversy. We also have a our streamer of the week, the heidi_peidi feature with a guess who Final Fantasy Edition. Final our product of the week is Deep Rock Galactic on steam!

Also if you have not yet watch episode 1. You can watch it here

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