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The Most Overrated things in Video Games

There are loads of brilliant games, producers, directors, consoles and gaming studios out there. There is also a side to gaming culture that seems to coast through shamelessly or miss the mark yet still stroll into world acclaim simply by turning up much like the old School friend at a reunion. Once the most popular kid in the year but now still lives with his Mother, unemployed and finds the same mundane things funny he found in School. Games can be the same and just because someone tells you the game is amazing doesn’t mean you should agree.

Below are five of the most overrated things in Video Games and why they are not as good as they are made out to be.

  1. Tetsuya Nomura

    Lets be honest, not a good writer at all. Widely credited with the success of early PlayStation era final fantasy games such as Final Fantasy VII and VIII. In truth he was nothing more than character designer and an artist whilst Producer Hironobu Sakaguchi and director Yoshinori Kitase orchestrated the innovation and heavy lifting. When Nomura sticks to character design he can be brilliant however when he strays in the foreign waters of writing and directing he struggles to stay above water.

    Nomura seems to have an overwhelming amount of credit in the bank of Square Enix but let me present a selection of my reasoning below

    – Look at how convoluted the story had become in Kingdom Hearts’ latest installment. The whole story dragged through until the final few hours of the game where the key events of the game actually happened. All filler no killer.

    – The mess that became Final Fantasy XV. The game was stuck in development hell for almost ten years with its’ cycle beginning before eventually being dragged to the finish line by Hajime Tabata. Even late in the development Nomura had grand ideas of turning the game into a musical.

    – We also have what I would say the most arrogant part of his nature such as his time as character designer in Final Fantasy X giving Lulu so many belts for the sole purpose of wanting to test whether his staff could get it right every time. Game developers are already overworked the last thing they need is a designer on a power trip adding unnecessary workload.

    This year I was disappointed by Kingdom Hearts 3 and hopefully that disappointment won’t also carry over to Final Fantasy 7 remake but as always my dreams are hope more than expectation.despaired-2261021_1920

  2. Red Dead Redemption

    The unfortunate truth is behind a game so painstaking perfect in narrative and technical brilliance there is a title that is missing the core element of a game…Fun! A lot of games fall into the trap of obsessing and prioritising realism over the an enjoyable experience and therefore I was secretly glad when God of War triumphed over it at the game awards.

    The pacing of the game-play is abhorrently slow in Red Dead Redemption 2 and it felt like a waste of my already limited gaming time. Progression is snail like, missions can be miles apart on the map and inevitably boredom sets in despite the beautiful scenery whilst traversing the terrain on your lead footed horse. Being an amazing game is not enough anymore you also need to be entertaining

  3. Fortnite

    “What is the difference between Apex Legends and Fortnite? When you shoot someone in Fortnite they don’t turn into a five story building”. I will admit this is partly bitterness from my perspective as I really just cannot get the hang of building to protect myself. More often than not just end up building a floor to further emboss my location to bloodthirsty players. Many of which claim to have fornicated with my mother despite being many hundreds of miles away.

    Probably the most overrated game of this generation, hopefully the wealth of new of new content from Apex Legends will push this game to avoid the title of ” the most overrated game of all time”.Is Fortnite the most overrated thing in Video Games?

  4. Open world games

    How many games have you started, played 10-20 hours before returning it to its position on the shelf, never to be touched ever again. I can only think of two truly open world games that I have played all the way through in the last few years. The Witcher 3 and Final Fantasy XV. The Witcher 3 was the perfect example of an open world game done. On the other hand I struggled through the average and unfinished Final Fantasy XV out of duty more than anything else.

  5. Minecraft

    The right place at the right time is the perfect way to describe Minecraft. It is revered by its’ community of children and nostalgia seeking junkies seeking their next retro hit. In reality, it is a game of little point. With no progression or story to speak off you wonder what this game offers that cannot be enjoyed with a box of lego. I like games to push the boundaries of what is possible and have original ideas but in my opinion this is another game that pushes back on progression in gaming.

So there we have it! The most overrated things in gaming that seem to get a wealth of praise and support even when it seems unjustified. What are your most overrated things in gaming? Is there a game everyone else loves that you don’t get? A games studio who seems to have to do very little to get people’s unwavering support

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