Top 10 Gaming Snacks! Eat this not that!

Why top 10 gaming snacks?

This blog has been too negative of late. In an effort to be more positive and a bit less serious. As I sit here tucking into my marshmallow mateys, (like a knock off version of lucky charms but just as good and £2 cheaper). I ponder is there an ideal snack for gaming? What are the top 10 gaming snacks?.

Firstly two items to avoid and will sadly not make the top 10 gaming snacks list.

Cereal is a no go. It may seem the perfect choice however the necessity of a spoon and boisterousness of milk makes a recipe for disaster. Jam donuts are also off the list. Their distasteful habit of oozing after a bite also creates quite a mess. Very specific I know and I am sure there are more  prohibited items of food but these are the two that come to mind! now onto the real deal of the top 10 gaming snacks.

The List

  1. Ring Donuts

    – Much superior to their jammier cousins. The absence of filler secures their place on the list of top 10 gaming snacks. A coffee on the side and you have a little corner of heaven in your gaming nirvana.

  2. Popcorn

    – There is a reason this is the go to snack of popular media whether it be movies, TV shows or in this case gaming. Light, fluffy and incredibly easy to snack on.

    Popcorn is a fan favourite on the ten ten gaming snacks list.

    Photo by Shawn Fields on Unsplash

  3. Toast

    – The most underestimated snack also happens to be the most common. A slice of nice white, brown or best of both with lashings of butter is never unwelcome mid-game. This is minimal fuss, minimal mess with maximum effectiveness.

  4. Nuts

    – Ring donuts, popcorn and toast are hardly the snack of champions and of the health conscious. Nuts are quick, easy and high in protein to snack on. Hand in hand with a exercise regimen you could have the same hero or heroine physique of your gaming counterpart.

  5. Pizza

    – Is there a better snack that can come in so many ways? As well as this crust becomes its’ own natural cutlery. The variety of toppings built upon a foundation of cheese, tomato and breaded goodness satisfies most. Can be feasted on one handed leaving the other hand free to keep the game going.

    top ten gaming snacks - Pizza is the cash cow on modern media gaming snacks.

    Photo by Alan Hardman on Unsplash

  6. Crisps

    – Much like pizza, so many varieties. Doritos, Bugles and Monster munch are  my favourites. All the advantages of popcorn with all the extra varieties of texture. Crisps are the biggest snack out there and it would have been remiss not to include them on this list.

  7. Fruit

    – Not a popular choice but I don’t want to seen to be promoting unhealthy eating. Apples and bananas are my staples but I cannot say no to a ripened strawberry or seedless grapes. After all, healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy mind games for longer.

  8. Chicken drumsticks

    – Any food related snack that produces its’ own cutlery is a winner with me on the top 10 gaming snacks. Whether is be plain, barbecue, Chinese style, hot and spicy? So many ways to be enjoyed and an easy protein hit for gym goes to boot.

  9. Chips and fries

    – Sorry Americans, chips are the fatter cousin of French Fries and not the crisp equivalent. That’s a fact. The ease of eating these bad boys and the amazing taste of a good chip is like you are eating a golden finger from god himself. Throw in a good dipping sauce and you may stop gaming to concentrate on the task at hand. Maybe…

  10. Beef Jerky

    – Dry, salty and chewy for days but never messy. A protein hit and tasty hit. Ember Biltong is a big favourite of mine.


So there we are. The top 10 gaming snacks. Hypocritical as I am I will be slopping cereal and ice cream down my front with the best of them. Know this, there are better choices out there. But seriously eat whatever you like? I know I will! Have a look at how gaming can help mental health here.

What food do you snack on whilst gaming?

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