Thirsty guys of Instagram

As any good looking girl knows the thirsty guys of instagram will come out in the their droves for a good looking instaho!

My wife decided it was about time she shared these DMs from the thirsty guys of Instagram with the rest of the internet. Hopefully this will lead to more girls sharing their entertaining DMs.

A warning for all these are not for the faint of heart! and try really hard not to fall for these thirsty incels. I appreciate their romance laden requests for “Bobs” and “Vergana” are difficult not to be seduced by. But stay strong!

You may have to accept a lesser man. One not well versed in the relations of instagram but in the long run you will happier and healthier. Despite being less amused without the constant barrage of amusing one liners to get you wetter than an otters pocket.

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