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Twitch Streamer Checklist- Essentials to stream!

Why do you need a Twitch Streamer Checklist?

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There is nothing worse than getting an hour into a stream on twitch then discovering you have no sound, your alerts are not working or even worse that you were not streaming at all! To help avoid this I have compiled what I believe to be the essential Twitch Streamer Checklist! By following this twitch streamer checklist it can hopefully make your life a little easier when it comes to streaming.

  1. Streamlabs OBS – Check the settings on your recording software. I use Streamlabs OBS. This is a great piece of software and you can download the beta here. It has a great auto-optimisation tool to configure the settings automatically to your set up! This makes things nice and easy and should reduce the time you spend running test streams. Best thing of all, it is free!

  2. Nightbot – I use nightbot and I am sure there are some equally impressive bots out there but why do you need one? A good chat bot will automate and moderate your chat with minimal effort. Nightbot allows you to monitor your top chatters, filter spammers and abusive users as well as give dynamic automated responses to questions “like how long you been on?” and “What game is this?”

  3. Copyright music – I know this may seem like a small thing for the twitch streamer checklist however if you plan on posting your content elsewhere it is very important. Copyrighted music could earn you muted audio to something more serious like a YouTube strike if you post your streams to YouTube. I use Pretzel which contains hours of free to use music specially for streamers. I won’t lie and pretend it is as good as listening your own tunes but it is a workable solution to background as since the industry has become super sensitive about people playing music whilst they stream.

  4. Twitch channel – This seems obvious but get your second screen on your phone or second monitor displaying your twitch stream allowing you to see what other see. This allow you to quality check what is going out, check the camera and present your stream in the most twitch friendly manner. If you are playing a game where a certain menu will need to be seen but your camera is covering it on stream, people will watch someone else.

  5. Streamlabs website – (or your alternative) If you are using the Streamlabs OBS solution to stream or even standard OBS. Make sure you have Streamlabs open! The main reason is detailed in the next item on our twitch streamer checklist.

  6. Check alerts – Your alerts will tell you a variety of things. Who has followed you, who has subscribed, who has donated to you and who has hosted you. Why does this matter enough to be on the twitch stream checklist? Imagine you have spent 40 hours sweating away for your hard-earned cash. You are enjoying a persons stream and you decide to subscribe to them or donate. You plug in your details and get the confirmation that the transaction has gone through. You then wait…and wait… and wait….ten minutes go by without so much as an acknowledgement from the streamer. The ungrateful scab! In reality this person is oblivious to the support that you have given them unless they truly are an ungrateful wotsit! If that was the case I suggest going elsewhere anyway.

    Example of a twitch alert for the twitch streamer checklist.

  7. Check sound- I cannot overestimate the importance of sound in a stream hence why it is here in out twitch stream checklist. In my experience people are more likely to switch to a different stream as a result of poor sound than poor video quality. Think back to when you watched a dodgy copy of any film. Which was more annoying? The picture being slightly off or the audio being slightly out. This is why it is so important.

  8. Check dashboard – The dashboard is where you can tell people what game you are playing. This is essential to new streamers and people will not be finding you from your brand alone. More often than not people will be finding you from your tags telling them what game you are playing.

    Twitch Dashboard for the twitch streamer checklist

    Twitch Dashboard

  9. Promote yourself!!! – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Mysp….. well maybe not them. Tell people when you are going on. This could mean the difference between two viewers and five viewers. Don’t sell yourself short! You are an amazing streamer and there is an audience out there for you if you are confident and willing to put yourself out there.

  10. Your sparkling personality- As it is! The most important item on the twitch streamer checklist is to ready yourself to be yourself. If you are an angry M*therf*cker then be an angry M*therf*cker! There are a million and one “fake nice” people on twitch so your personality is all your really have to stand out. Most importantly though if you are presenting a fake persona you will have to maintain it. This will soon become a chore and discourage you from doing something you love.

This twitch streamer checklist may not turn you into a affiliate, partner or world gaming superstar. What it will certainly help you get started. The recommendation for tools and software are also merely suggestions. If you find a tool that works better and solves the problem then use it.


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